Our Aveda
Hair Care Range

Be CurlyTM
Enhance, intensify and define curls and dramatically reduce frizz - for smooth, springy, voluptuous curls. New Be CurlyTM Style-PrepTM adds moisture and curl definition as it seals the cuticle, taming frizz all day. It makes styling curls easier and helps maintain them longer. Features organic baobab seed oil from South Africa, organic babassu oil from the Brazilian rainforest and macadamia nut help seal, soften, and moisturise hair.



Professional Hair Colour:
Discover hair colour with up to 99% naturally-derived formulas. Our innovative formulas leave hair essentially damage-free - infused with conditioning plant oils for shinier, healthy-looking colour. In permanent and deposit-only shades - from vibrant primary and secondary colours to naturally-based browns, blondes and reds. With pure plant aromas that soothe the senses. Available only in Aveda Salons.


Rosemary Mint and Shampure™
Your needs are simple. Lather, rinse, maybe repeat. All you ask is that hair looks, feels and smells good. That's why we've created these uncommon plant formulas—mixing singular ingredients and uniquely evocative aromas, while still universal enough to care for any hair—your hair.



Celebrate what comes naturally to you - the texture in your life and in your hair. Aveda recognises the different needs of textured hair - and finds the tools in nature to make it shine. To soften and smooth. To defy the elements. A variety of choices for your multi-faceted style - all dedicated to bringing out your natural brilliance.



It's a personal subject. Want it, or defy it—it shows in how you wear your hair. We've got the key to out-of-control hair or formulas to keep every piece in place. Wherever your head's at, Aveda's Control™ family brings styling in line with your style.


Pure Abundance™
Volumising hair care. An expansive personality deserves hair to match—unrestrained, overflowing with life. Drawing on innovative natural volumising agents, Aveda gives fine hair the means to fuller-looking, thicker-feeling hair.


Dry RemedyTM
Breakthrough new hair care system that provides extraordinary moisture and suppleness to instantly transform even the driest, most brittle hair without weighing it down: Dry RemedyTM Moisturizing Shampoo, Dry RemedyTM Moisturizing Conditioner and Dry RemedyTM Moisturizing Treatment Masque. Aveda's patent-pending Deep-Moisture Complex - a high performance blend of buriti oil, pomegranate and palm-derived conditioners - penetrates hair for deep moisturisation.


Smooth Infusion
Take control of frizz and unwanted wave. The system restores moisture, infuses smoothness and protects surface damage from heat styling. Signed with a fresh, citrus-floral blend of certified organic bergamot, certified organic palmarosa, Bulgarian rose and Australian sandalwood, Smooth InfusionTM is a smooth ride to silky, sleek styles - helping tame even the most unruly of hair types. The Smooth Infusion Style Prep defends against humidity for up to 12 hours and is one of Aveda's best sellers. The new glossing straightener stands up to the most demanding conditions and hair types and transforms even the most intense waves and curls into straight, shiny hair.


Sun Care
16-hour UV-Defense and recovery system with UV protection to help cleanse, protect and restore hair from the damaging effects of sun, salt and chlorine. Features a refreshing, light, tropical 100% certified organic blend of neroli, ylang-ylang, wild-crafted cistus from southern Spain, and other pure flower and plant essences.


Damage RemedyTM
Nature defies damage. Damage RemedyTM hair care - our three-step restructuring system - pits powerful plant ingredients against even the most damaged hair.
The target - hair weakened by chemical processes, heat styling and environmental exposure. The result - hair returned to its natural beauty - every strand stronger, silkier and shinier.

Color Conserve™
You live in full colour. And your hair colour is the outward expression of that vitality: preserve it, with a three-part, plant-based system for colour care.




Our Aveda
Skin Care Range 

Achieve professional results with EnbrightenmentTM
skin care-a four-step daily regimen plus twice-weekly masque infused with powerful plant actives to diminish the appearance of dark spots and discolourations and improve skin's visible clarity. EnbrightenmentTM uses a multi-pronged approach to skin brightening that promotes a more even skin tone, helps protect against environmental aggressors, soothes, exfoliates and hydrates skin-creating a luminous, clear complexion.


Green Science
A regimen of powerful plant-infused formulas and a high-touch professional facial treatment clinically proven to perform. Green ScienceTM harnesses a proprietary skin-renewing blend of high-tech plant actives to lift and firm the skin and minimise lines and wrinkles.

Outer Peace
Actively addresses both long and short term needs with a complete system targeting both the treatment and the prevention of blemishes. Ayurvedic plant extracts have been scientifically tested and proven to work together with other naturally-derived ingredients to unclog pores, control excess oil and calm irritated skin. A four step, at-home system, Outer Peace Blemish Relief's ingredients and formulas deliver consistent, visible results of clearer skin.



The ancients knew it; Aveda proves it - the transformative and legendary power of the mineral tourmaline is clinically true. Aveda taps this natural power in our family of energising skin care products. Our tourmaline charged formulas keep you glowing with new life and infuse skin with radiance.


Daily Skin Care
Balance the elements that keep skin reflecting optimum health, radiance and vitality with cleansing, toning and moisture that's right for your skin type - normal, dry, oily or sensitive.

Caribbean TherapyTM
With pure plant ingredients like Caribbean mango nut butter, ginger root and orange, our family of Caribbean TherapyTM body care products embrace you in the healing feel of mountain, sun, sea and air. Reconnecting you to the Earth - and yourself - with the life force of island-sourced plants.

Rosemary Mint
Create cool moments. Gentle but thorough body care - with invigorating, certified organic rosemary and peppermint. Rosemary Mint Hand and Body Wash that doesn't overdry; long-lasting Rosemary Mint Bath Bar with a scent that lingers on skin; silky, lightweight Rosemary Mint Body Lotion to cool and revitalise skin.


Hand ReliefTM and Foot ReliefTM
Smooth rough edges. Hand ReliefTM - for dry, chapped hands. Rich, soothing moisture therapy leaves hands noticeably softer and smoother. Foot ReliefTM - for tired, sore feet. Gently exfoliate, cool and nourish stressed feet so they feel rejuvenated.

Our Aveda
Make-Up Range 


Face colour that comes from the heart. Amazonian tribes have long used the rich pigments from the urukum palm for face and body painting. Today—in partnership with Brazil's Yawanawa tribe—we help support their culture as they harvest Uruku for a ritual of pure beauty: the deep, plant-based hues of Aveda colour.

From a colourless lip conditioner to a vibrant, high shine wet gloss, discover a taste for moisturising, succulent lip colours. Berry rich and anti-oxidant smart—fruit butters and seed oils condition. Each with a unique flavour and a certified organic mint twist.


Awaken your natural glow with Inner Light™ face colour—energised with light refracting minerals like tourmaline and malachite, plant-derived anti-oxidants and mineral-derived sunscreens. Experience our line-up of foundations, powders and concealers—in a world of shades. All talc-free and non-comodogenic.


Choose your flowers, with aromatic petal waxes—from geranium and jasmine petals—plus smoothing orchid oil, in a flower-inspired palette for eyes. Talc-free and mineral oil-free powders; gentle, colour-true liners—drawn from the very heart of nature.

Watch your cheeks blossom with silky colour: long-wearing, talc-free powders or lightweight creams inspired by flowers as they're found in nature. Infused with florals—geranium, jasmine, orchid—for moisture, smoothness and colour that blooms.

Our Aveda
Perfume Range 


Infuse your personal space with pure natural aromas that create meditative, relaxing or sensual moods. Formulated with pure beeswax or soy wax, sweet almond oil and 100% pure flower and plant aromas to refresh the air and rejuvenate the senses. No petroleum, artificial dyes or synthetic aromas— minimal-packaging refills available.


Aroma may be invisible but our hearts cannot ignore it. Response of body and mind is undeniable. With Aveda aromas, the air we breathe is alive with plant and flower essences— helping us thrive in every environment.


Our calming, flavourful tea promotes a sense of
well-being—and tastes delicious. The caffeine-free, 100% organic herbal blend includes peppermint leaf, licorice root and other pure flower essences.

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